Lutsen Ski Weekend: January 18th - 21st 2018

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Lodging has been booked! See the bookie for estimated balances (will fluctuate based on number of people and how many nights you stay).

The location has been selected and the crew is assembling. Click here for some past videos. You know the drill, squat jumps all day 'er day.


BOOKED! Lutsen Resort On Lake Superior from Jan 18th - Jan 21st

Town Home / Cliffhouse Townhome / 3 queen beds • 1 king bed / non-smoking

Thursday: January 18th after 4PM
Sunday, January 21st by 11AM

Lodging Address:
5700 MN-61
Lutsen, MN 55612


This spreadsheet contains the remaining balance owed for each person. The price will fluctuate depending how many people get added, etc. But this will keep track of everything so if you pay now and then its cheaper due to more people coming, you get a refund. Fucking math!

Live Webcam from Moose Mountain:


Sending Payment

You can send $$$ to us using most digital services and your balance will automatically be updated. Or give us cash when we hang out.
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